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Effective Tracking System For Vehicles

  • Web Based Application With Real Time Tracking
  • Protect Your Vehicle
  • Affordable Tracking
  • 24*7*365 Service Support
  • Client Specific Customization

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Assets Tracking

With Core GPS, you can track vehicles, map routes, and create meaningful transportation reports. Our easy-to-use software allows you to watch live activity of your vehicles, map historical routes and stops, create reports, and much more.

Reefer Tracking

Reefer monitoring allows fleet managers to see temperature, location, status and history reports of reefer units on demand. This real-time information enables managers to identify the location and status of each trailer, and to ensure proper temperature control.

Fleet Replay

Replay Map visualizes daily activity as it happened in the field and on the road. The Replay Map feature of route tracking helps you: Replace reading addresses with real-world pictures of activity, Improve route efficiencies, Provide absolute proof of service, Find unauthorized stops along the route tracked or unproductive travel or engine use

Tracking Report

Our Web Application allows users to track the reports such as Driver report, Engine report, speed report, Temperature report, RAG Report. Users are also allowed to download reports in various formats.

Alerts(Visual & Report Base)

With Alert system, Users can also get the information about overspeeding alerts on their registered mobile phones as well as on their EmailId.

Driver Identification Solution

Our unique driver identification system helps users to identify the driver on every vehicle with the help of latest RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) system. In case of unauthorized driving fleet manager receives the alerts via MAIL & SMS within 10 seconds.

Online Attendance Management System For MNC'S

Our Online Attendance Management System(AMS) For MNC'S offers you to take attendance of employees online with the help of RFID. Employees can make there attendance at the time when they are in companies bus which will reduce your time & long queue at Companies entrance.

Online Cold Room Temperature Monitoring

It is very essential to keep an eye on rising temperature of Cold Room. Our freezer monitoring, alarming, and reporting solutions reduce the risk of damaged product and regulatory non-compliance for your life science environments and critical cold storage applications.

Container Tracking

As we all know there is no power supply available in container then how we can track it! So here is the solution... Our technical team has designed a device which can stay on more than a year without any external power source but on it's efficient internal battery management system. So we only need to mount the device on container and we can track it over the year.

VMS-Vehicle Maintenance System

Whether your fleet size is small or large, It doesn't matters..... VMS is today's basic need. All you just need to enter current maintenance status of your vehicle & our smart software will let you know servicing date of each and every parts of your vehicle.

Milk Adulteration Solution

We are the only company who has launched Milk Adulteration Solution for Indian Dairy Industry. If any one tries to extract milk from container while transport, our efficient GPS system will inform dairy officials about the theft within few seconds via mail & SMS.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

If you are using our Stolen Vehicle Recovery then no need to wory about your vehicle, your vehicle will be always within your eyesight. If your vehicle get stolen our Stolen Vehicle Recovery System can track your stolen vehicle within few Seconds.

24*7 Support

We keep proactive check on all vehicles & alert our customers for any kind of false activity with GPS system. Our customer service has 24*7 support. Feel free to contact about any queries or issues.

About Us
How It Works

A device, called a Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU), is fitted discretely to a vehicle. The box is powered from the electrical circuitry of the vehicle and has an antenna system attached to it.

The box uses two systems in order to function correctly. The first is the GPS navigation service that is provided by a series of satellites in orbit around the Earth. The box is "listening" to these satellites and constantly calculating its position. The second system is the GPRS facility provided by the GSM networks. This is used to "transmit" information about the vehicle at every minute.

The information is sent to the LatLong server, this information consists of the vehicle identity, location (in terms of a grid reference), speed and direction of travel, along with some additional features. The server collects and display this information with the help of user friendly web application.

The viewer can "see" all vehicles all the time when logged on, look at all the vehicles on different maps in REAL TIME. You can create historic replays of journeys also on a map. Being a real time system we are able to "Alert" the user of arrival/departure or vehicle condition (door openings, PTO operation or other telematics inputs) as they happen.

An inclusive function of the system is the report manager, where the user is able to create, read and store written reports of vehicle movements for later analysis. This can be done at anytime or "scheduled" to be emailed directly from the server.

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